Welcome to TheatreThoughts Blog!


My name is Jordan. I’m a student, educator, actor, singer, writer, and artist.

I never shut the hell up about theatre.

It’s almost a defining feature, at this point. I simply cannot stop talking about the shows I’ve seen and the shows I’ve been in. I’m usually going and seeing shows on weekends. If I’m not in or helping with a show (either backstage or as production staff), I’m usually planning for which one I’ll be in next, or fantasizing about the shows I want to do in the future. Once I get onto a rant about a theatre-related topic, I can’t stop.

I have a lot of thoughts. I figure I may as well dump them all in one place.

On this blog, I’m planning to touch a lot of topics:

  • Tips/tricks regarding acting, singing, auditions, directing, general theatre as a whole
  • Script/show/song analysis
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Education and theatre education
  • College student life/stuff
  • Online branding/internet anecdotes
  • Many other miscellaneous things!

I’m very excited to begin this blog at long last and I have many, many future plans. I can’t wait to see where this endeavor goes.


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