Hello! My name is Jordan. I’m a 21, living in Southwestern PA, and I never shut up about theatre.

I’ve been performing for almost ten years, getting my start in high school theatre and just recently getting back into acting in community theatre. I was a work study stage carpenter/welder for my first three years of college. For the last four years, I’ve volunteered with a middle school musical (this is my third year as co-director!) and started working last year with a high school musical within the same school district.

My background in music is slightly more extensive than my background in theatre- I’ve sang in school choirs for as long as I’ve been able and played the flute and piccolo for almost ten years. I’ve currently been taking private voice lessons for 4 years and would love to potentially teach them myself one day! I’m a passionate nerd regarding vocal health.

I started this blog because I’m a writer with an analytical bent who has a lot of thoughts on theatre, and I figured I may as well put all the thoughts I have on music, theatre, education, and the intersection of all three of those things in one place.