About Theatre Thoughts Blog

Established in 2017, the Theatre Thoughts Blog is geared towards amateur and hobbyist actors and performers, especially in school and community theatre settings. Above all else, Theatre Thoughts content continually stresses the importance of learning and self-improvement. Other popular topics on the blog include theatrical analysis, general performer-isms, and personal anecdotes from the author. Aspirationally, the blog will become a haven of education, community, and genuine passion for performing.

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About the Author

Hi! My name is Jordan. I’m a 22, live in southwestern PA, and I never shut up about theatre.

I’ve been performing for about ten years. I got my start in high school theatre and have since made myself a fixture in my local community theatre scene. I’ve tried to cultivate a well-rounded theatrical skillset. I was a work study stage carpenter/welder for my first three years of college. I’m entering my fifth year I’ve volunteering with a middle school musical program (this will be my fourth year as co-director!) and my third working with a high school theatre department in the same school district.

My background in music is slightly more extensive than my background in theatre– I’ve sang in school choirs for as long as I’ve been able and played the flute and piccolo for almost ten years. I’ve currently been taking private voice lessons for 4 years and would love to potentially teach them myself one day! I tried to be a music major once, but this has been widely regarded as a bad move. Nonetheless, I remain a passionate nerd regarding vocal health.

I started this blog because I’m a writer with an analytical bent who has a lot of thoughts on theatre, and I figured I may as well put all the thoughts I have on music, theatre, education, and the intersection of all three of those things in one place. I hope you enjoy and find some value in my writing!