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Quiz: Are you Really Prepared for a Lead Role?

Whether you’re a veteran performer always in the spotlight or a theatrical newbie awaiting your turn to step centerstage, chances are, you often second guess your abilities. It comes with the territory. Almost every actor I know holds on to some lingering insecurities. When you start to question yourself, you might start wondering if you really have what it takes to achieve that coveted lead role.

Wondering whether your skill and hard work will be enough to pay off? Why not take this quiz to find out?

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Where to Grow Next: Self-Evaluation and Targeted Practice Recommendations for Performers

Do you feel like you are falling behind compared to some of your performing peers? Do you feel that you have plenty learn, but aren’t sure where to focus your energies next? It might make you feel better to know that lots of other actors and artists feel exactly the same, but that knowledge alone won’t help you become a better performer.

When you feel like you’re cornered in terms of growth and improvement, one of the best things you can do is stop and take stock of where you currently are. Self-evaluation is something most performers do on the daily already. What if we harness that often-negative energy and use it to help you grow in a positive way?

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