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10 Signs you Might be Ready to Give Directing a Try

Do you find yourself dreaming of sitting in the director’s chair? Getting into directing is a massive undertaking, and your first directing experience may prove to be a real trial by fire. Don’t make the decision lightly! By waiting until you’re really ready to direct for the first time, you maximize your chances of success (and minimize your chances of crushing heartbreak.) But what does being “ready” look like?

There’s no one answer to that question, but here are ten signs you might be close.

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Theatre 101 Series: Rehearsal 101

The Theatre 101 Series is a set of introductory articles meant to explain theatrical concepts and situations to young actors as well as adult theatrical newcomers. View the whole series here.

Congratulations! You’ve auditioned for and been cast in your very first production. Exciting things are coming– including your first rehearsal. How should you prepare, and what should you expect?

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