Whether you’re a veteran performer always in the spotlight or a theatrical newbie awaiting your turn to step centerstage, chances are, you often second guess your abilities. It comes with the territory. Almost every actor I know holds on to some lingering insecurities. When you start to question yourself, you might start wondering if you really have what it takes to achieve that coveted lead role.

Wondering whether your skill and hard work will be enough to pay off? Why not take this quiz to find out?


Of course, this quiz is just for fun! Whether or not you are really prepared for a lead role can’t be determined by an online quiz. There are simply too many factors involved, given every performer, role, and production is different. Nonetheless, this quiz may give you an idea of where you stand and how you may aim to improve your chances of landing your next dream role! Try not to take your results too seriously unless they echo things that have been said to you in real life by others who have worked with you in theatre. If the results do sound familiar, there may be a grain of truth within worth investigating!


Answer the following ten questions truthfully. Each answer will provide you with a number of points, listed at the start of each bulleted response option. Use a calculator or some scratch paper to keep track of your point total. When you’re done, your point total will reveal how prepared you really are!

Question 1

What kind of performing experience do you have?

  • (+10) I have performed in a large variety of shows and roles in the past.
  • (+8) I’ve been in many shows, but usually in supporting, featured, or ensemble roles.
  • (+7) I’ve been in many shows, but only in the ensemble.
  • (+3) I’ve only been in a handful of shows.
  • (+1) I’ve never been in a show, or only been in one or two.

Question 2

What kind of training do you have?

  • (+10) I have received collectively many (6-10+) years of training in classes or one-on-one lessons in dance, voice, or acting, or all three.
  • (+7) I’ve taken several (3-5) years’ worth of classes or one-on-one lessons in dance, voice, or acting.
  • (+5) I have received a few months to a year or two of training (>1-2 years) in dance, voice, or acting.
  • (+2) I’ve taken a few classes or “drop-in” lessons sporadically over time.
  • (+0) I have received no training in classes or one-on-one settings.

Question 3

How confident are you in own skills, personally?

  • (+20) I feel extremely confident in my skills. I never question my abilities.
  • (+10) I feel very confident in my ability, but know I have much more to learn.
  • (+5) I’m reasonably confident. I question my abilities with some frequency.
  • (+3) I’m not very confident yet.
  • (+0) I’m not confident at all.

Question 4

What is your attitude in rehearsal?

  • (+20) I am a leader. As a leader, I feel the need to keep others aroud me in line. It sometimes effects my mood in rehearsal– it can be hard to stay positive.
  • (+10) I show up, give 100%, and try my absolute best! I keep a positive attitude while striving to stand out and be a leader.
  • (+5) I go with the flow and do what is asked of me. I’m focussed, but also like to have a good time!
  • (+3) I’m mostly focussed on enjoying time with friends. I maintain a positive attitude, especially because I get to have fun.
  • (+1) Rehearsal is kind of a pain.

Question 5

What makes you want to play a lead role?

  • (+20) I’m always inspired to strive for the lead, whether I really like the role or not. No matter what, it’s the lead!
  • (+10) I want to play roles that pose a challenge, roles that I enjoy a lot and want to try my hand at.
  • (+6) I mostly want to play the lead when I can see myself reflected in the character.
  • (+2) I don’t really have a reason, I just want to try it.
  • (+0) I don’t.

Question 6

How would others describe working with you?

  • (+20) Though directors sometimes like me, I don’t tend to get along with others in my cast. They would say I’m bossy or conceited.
  • (+10) I’ve been told I’m visibly hardworking and a pleasure to work with. Directors and cast alike tend to respect and appreciate me.
  • (+5) My virtues aren’t normally recognized in rehearsal. I don’t think anyone would have much to say about me.
  • (-5) I’ve been called lazy, unreliable, or a pain in rehearsal on more than one occasion.

Question 7

What’s your audition preparation process like?

  • (+20) I don’t normally prepare much, but I often get the part I want anyway.
  • (+15) I don’t prepare as much as I should but I still get lucky sometimes.
  • (+10) I typically prepare carefully and have a set audition prep “routine” I try to abide by. I have figured out my routine over years of trial and error.
  • (+5) I’ve been told I don’t prepare as much as I should, but don’t know what to do to prepare more.
  • (+0) I don’t prepare much at all.

Question 8

How would you describe your work ethic?

  • (+15) I try to work hard, but because of my talent, I can often get away with slacking off.
  • (+10) I’m driven, passionate, and hardworking. I try my best to never “phone it in.”
  • (+5) I’m generally hardworking, but rehearsal isn’t my first priority so I often put off practicing.
  • (+3) I’ve been told I’m lazy, but I try.
  • (+0) I can’t say I usually try much at all.

Question 9

Check out some audition opportunities coming up. Are you inspired to try for any lead roles?

  • (+10) Definitely!
  • (+2) Maybe.
  • (-5) Not really.

Question 10

Whenever you plan to try for a lead role next, will you have adequate time to commit to rehearsal?

  • (+10) Definitely!
  • (+5) I’m not sure, but I will try to make it work.
  • (-10) Definitely not. I can’t make rehearsal a priority at this point.

Final Score

Add up your points!

If you scored 130 or above: You might be prepared for a lead, technically, but your attitude could be a serious hinderance to your casting. Scoring this high indicates you might be overly confident to the point of being arrogant. No one likes to cast a diva who always expects the lead! Check yoself before you wreck yoself.

If you scored 110-129: You seem prepared, but you’re edging dangerously close to “130 and above” territory (see the score description directly above). If you worry that you might be drifting into divaland, take some time to reflect! Otherwise, you may not be landing many more leads regardless.

If you scored 80-109: You are prepared! Your score indicates you have a good attitude and a good base of knowledge to work from. Taking on a lead role should be a snap.

If you scored 50-79: Your score indicates you might be a bit underprepared, but you are on the right track! The timing may not be right, or you may not have all the desired experience. With a bit of luck and a little more elbow grease, you’ll soon be ready to take on a lead role. Look for areas where you believe you could improve and work from there!

If you scored 30-49: Your score indicates you’re probably not quite prepared yet. Scoring in this range means you likely don’t have much training or experience and don’t have a stellar rehearsal reputation. Luckily, these problems can be easy to solve. Try your best to improve where you can and you may have more luck.

If you scored under 30: Your score indicates you are not very prepared for a lead role at this point. Consider getting some more training and experience and trying again later.


One thought on “Quiz: Are you Really Prepared for a Lead Role?

  1. I have actually never been in a musical. Don’t have the talent, but when I watch a show, I feel like I become a character in the musical- especially for ones I love


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